Episode 25 - Donald, DACA, and Dating: Warning - This Episode Gets Pretty Crappy

September 8, 2017

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Track listing - 
3:23 - Can you question authority, really?
Alex Wubbles arrested for refusing a police officers request to draw blood

23:31 - DACA - Oh boy, is this a mess

36:03 - A tinder date got stuck in a window, retrieving her own poop

38:08 - Dating for adults in todays world

47:32 - What we find delightful
Infomercial fails
Getting gifts
Little nightmares

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Episode 24 - Pirate Jared Leto is a Complete Tool

August 31, 2017


Track listing - 
3:15 - The devistation of Hurrican Harvey
4:19- Joel Osteen is sort of a tool
6:17 - How Jim and Tammy Baker fooled us into buying a video
19:00 - We formally apologize to the people of the south for using a southern accent
21:18 - We get distracted from the Russia probe, and talk about Mrs. Trump
33:00 - Fall movie preview
42:45 - Kelly turns on Jared Leto

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Episode 23 - The one where one of the hosts admitted to writing porn novels

August 24, 2017

Show topic lists and times
:17 - Shout Out to Kate and Leopold
1:15 - Awesome show announement
4:52 - Trumps week at the whitehouse
10:31 - It's OK to question what our troops are doing, and why
30:00 - Do your kids have to share?
37:02 - Find out who was in a greenday cover band, who went full Goth in high school, and who is writing a smut novel
49:09 - What we find delightful this week


Episode 22 - Dad jokes with a delightful bath bomb and crying Nazis

August 18, 2017

Topic listing - Feel free to skip ahead to what interests you most!

0:33 - We are not getting divorced

3:02 - Kelly admits he wants to take a bath with Ian

4:50 - Removing civil war monuments

12:54 - Why turning off social media is irresponsible during this violent time

21:35 - Chris Cantrell - The Crying Nazi

30:10 - The Dad Joke Challenge

38:03 - What fashion trends do you want to bring back?

48:00 - What we find delightful including Arbys Mountain of Meat, Lady Gagas concert, and Ozarks on Netflix


Episode 21 - A binder full of neurotic women at work, wearing shorts

August 10, 2017

Episode 21 track listeing

0:30 - We get to announce that we are part of the Podbros Network

6:23 - President Trump has a fluffer

14:03 - The Google employees manifesto that got a guy fired.. Heads up, things get pretty raw here

32:55 - Are shorts OK in the work place?

38:41 - Kelly talks about scout camp when he was younger

42:00 - What we find delightful this week - Kelly and Wet Hot American Summer

43:29 - What We Find Delightful this week - Daid Lettermans return

44:56 - The great american love story: How Ian and Michelle met



Episode 20 - When Clardic Fug met Turdly (nope, not a typo)

August 3, 2017

Track listing - 
0:36 - Our podcast turns 21 next week.  What would it drink, if it were real?

5:35 - Trumps new immigration legislation

17:28 - The ethics of diagnosing public figures from afar

27:14 - Navigating marital landmines

31:47 - Artificial intelligence came up with its own language at Facebook (this is a real thing)

36:40 - The Christmas song created by artificial intelligence

41:15 - What we find delightful this week




Episode 19 - The Bastard Executioner wasn’t transgender, he was just a Perfect Stranger

July 27, 2017

Track Listing - 
01:38 - Transgender ban in the military

15:33 - Mob mentality in not helping others or watching graphic real life videos

26:56 - What show or movie would you bring back from your childhood days

38:35 - What we find delightful, including Ed Sheeran, Youtube, and ComicCon

40:25 - We make a huge Game Of Thrones mistake



Episode 18 - What dies first, a transparent border wall or health care?

July 19, 2017

Show topic list and times - 
00:47 - Transparent border wall
 6:34 - Dead health care bill
14:00 - Male abortions
29:14 - Kelly plays peace keeper
32:00 - Weirdest way  you have been asked out on a date
40:15 - What we find delightful this week

Also, special shoutout to the Knuckleheads Podcast.
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Episode 17 - The Slants Go To Washington

July 11, 2017

Episode 17 is a special episode.
Simon Tam joins us for the entirety of the show to share with us (and you) his journey to the United States Supreme Court in an effort to trademark his band's name, The Slants.

This was a nearly decade-long battle that, at one point, had the Federal Trademark Office telling the band that they were too Asian to be called The Slants.

Also, in a plot twist, we get him to tell us what he thinks you'll find delightful in the week ahead.


Episode 16 - It was The Slants, reading the Declaration of Independence, at Sweet Valley High

July 5, 2017

Show topic listing - 

:00 - Show open - Making love to the mic

3:17  - NPR and the Declaration Of Independence

8:42 - Trump wrestling CNN or Kathy Griffin holding Trumps head.  Which one was worse?

15:08 - The Slants, a band that won a supreme court ruling to allow them to use a perceived racial slur as their band name.  

27:39 - Funner is not a word

28:30 - Sweet Valley High is bad literature

36:03 - Kelly and Michelle take on a a new Challenge against each other

42:51 - Whe we find delightful this week