Episode 47 - When 3 people can’t decide if they’re podcasting, or watching figure skating

February 10, 2018



@delightfulcast on twitter

Hey gang, we’re back with our normal shenanigans.. mostly.  Actually, we started out with the best of intentions.  We were going to do a podcast, and it was going to be awesome, but then we left the t.v. on (muted), and got distracted by the figure skaters instead. 

But, we get our trump out of the way super early, and then pick apart this woman who flushed her hamster down the toilette at an airport because, you know.. when you can’t bring your super emotional support hamster on an airplane, the next logical move is to flush it down the toilette.


Also, two of us just discovered the Wish app, and life will never be the same again. Plus, did we mention Olympic figure skating?