Episode 34 - America took giant steps forward; except Louis C.K.! He stepped in doodoo

November 10, 2017

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Show track listing:

00:00 - The mary and joseph defense when it comes to sleeping with underage people

00:51 - Our friends at Too Grumpy Critics ( http://grumpy.podbean.com ) made us a present

05:38 - The local elections and the potential shift in power

15:04 - How do we get involved at the local level

23:15 - Louis CK super disappointed us

24:18 - The fascination with indecent exposure

36:50 - Kellians weird, starting with Kellys flat tires

42:11 - Ians drs. apppointment

51:35 - Ian's delightful for the week

55:22 - Kellys delightful for the week