Episode 33 - Stranger Things 2 gave us all the good feels.. Not the Kevin Spacey kind.

November 2, 2017


Show track listing:
:00 We spend time making fun of Ians dog
02:45 - Muellers probe makes significant headway
08:20 - We really mess up our nations math
13:50 - We get our math back on track and collectively high five!
15:20 - Predictions - Does trump resign, get impeached, or finish his term?
17:15 - The list of hollywood celebs accused of sexual assault has grown
19:45 - George H.W. Bush is a dirty old man with a self inflicted new nickname
23:09 - Breaking down Kevin Spacey
27:07 - Can you seperate the offender from thier art, and still like the work?
30:02 - Should actors be done in hollywood after these scandals?
46:35 - our kids dump all over the things we love
55:39 - How do you cope with kids who enter into that 'curious' self love phase?
59:45 - Our Stranger Things 2 review