Episode 49 - Bill Whittle and his evidence and Trumps art of active listening

February 21, 2018

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Hey guys -  Heard of Bill Whittle?  Neither have we, but he has evidence that supports his claim that progressives are killing black people.
We just never actually see the evidence.  Or hear it.  Or are given any..... There's no evidence.

Plus, Donald Trump hosted a 'listening sesh' with Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School survivors, and parents.  He had a listening plan, and his listening plan included 'I hear you'.. 

It's all in a jam packed episode 49 of That's Delightful.


Episode 48 - Mental health and guns? Yeah, let’s talk about it!

February 17, 2018

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So, mental health is the reason 17 people were killed at school in Florida?  OK, let's talk to a psychologist and an LCSW who work with inmates on a daily basis about mental health and shootings.


Episode 47 - When 3 people can’t decide if they’re podcasting, or watching figure skating

February 10, 2018



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Hey gang, we’re back with our normal shenanigans.. mostly.  Actually, we started out with the best of intentions.  We were going to do a podcast, and it was going to be awesome, but then we left the t.v. on (muted), and got distracted by the figure skaters instead. 

But, we get our trump out of the way super early, and then pick apart this woman who flushed her hamster down the toilette at an airport because, you know.. when you can’t bring your super emotional support hamster on an airplane, the next logical move is to flush it down the toilette.


Also, two of us just discovered the Wish app, and life will never be the same again. Plus, did we mention Olympic figure skating?


Episode 46 - You’ll need an emotional support peacock after this one. Also, emotional support peacocks aren’t a real thing.

February 4, 2018

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We get our trump out of thet way pretty quick this week.  Bottom line, he's still a tool.

Mark Salling - There is no comfortable way to talk about him, his crimes, and his ultimate suicide, but we do, and we think you will appreciate the conversation.

Hey, have you heard of a support peacock?  Somebody tried to make it a thing.

Oh, and we love icecream.  DUH!