Episode 45 - Take our completely unbiased survey: Is That’s Delightful a good podcast or is That’s Delightful the greatest podcast?

January 28, 2018

Hey gang - 

So, Michelle had surgery this past week, and the byproduct is a very opiate riddled Michelle!  It's as awesome as it sounds!

Oh, and we never thought we would ever do a show where we talk about Trumps junk AND Optimus Primes junk, but the unicorn happened, and we did!

And finally - More stars are being accused of sexual assault or sexual misconduct.  Should they ever be allowed to work in Hollywood again?  Will you ever shake their hand again?  Can they be rehabilitated?  


Episode 44 - The Tide Podcast

January 21, 2018

Heres what happens in episode 44 - 
We talk trump, but we are able to make it the shortest portion of the show.  Basically, we think he's fatter than he says he is.

We talk Aziz!  Why were his fingers down her throat?  That's the one thing we really can't quite wrap our heads around!

And finally..  Tide Pods.  How is this a thing?  Quit eating them.


Episode 43 - A Rabbi walked into a podcast, and blew our minds!

January 11, 2018

Rabbi Shalom Bochner took time out of his schedule to spend the show with us to give everybody a better understanding of the conflict between palestine and Israel.   

He not only talked about the conflict, but the amazing people on the ground, actively engaged in peace talks to try and bring rest to a conflicted region.  

We didn't swear ONCE this entire episode.  And we're pretty darn proud of ourselves!! 


Episode 42 - We bring the fire and fury to new year resolutions and turtles.. same-same, right?

January 7, 2018

Hey guys - 
Were you looking for something that brought as much fire and fury as the book, appropriately titled, 'Fire and Fury'?  Or were you looking for a show about two guys who went on an adventure to the flea market and bought turtles?  Because all fo that happened in this episode!!

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