Episode 37 - Daniel Powter and Cannibalism: We take a hard stance on both!

November 30, 2017

Show listing
00:10 - Whatever happened to Daniel Powter
07:33 - Trump retweets violent videos
12:05 - Net Neutrality is a real thing, and you should be concerned
23:49 - Kelly is a sad panda
29:30 - Eleven from Stranger Things is getting sexualized, and it needs to stop
38:34 - We know what Kellys next drunk movie is
43:30 - We take a hard stance on a couple of important issues
48:16 - Nice Brains Finish Last


Episode 36 - 2017 Holiday Special: The ADHD episode that is Trump free and ready to mingle; Now with 100% less structure.

November 23, 2017

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Show content - 
00:16 - Pickle parties are a thing
01:51 - We explain that this is a total freeform episode..and then try and do slam poetry..poorly
03:57 - We promise not to talk about trump, except where we explain that we're not talking about trump.
04:40 - We break our Trump promise.
05:50 - Michelles story - The Flat Earther who doesn't believe in science.
07:05 - We debate the merit of Jim Carrey movies
16:15 - Kelly plows through 3 stories - And starts a Bukakke birrage 
17:58 - Michelle and Kelly argue the merits of the Borat movie
35:50 - That's Delightful Hosts Fun Facts (Kelly has a chin tooth, michelle got pregnant, Ian had his weiner stabbed)
53:08 - Kelly made a purchase
57:08 - We love cards against humanity
58:16 - Ian discovered Lady Dynamite


Episode 35 - A Justice League review that even Al Franken won’t touch.

November 17, 2017

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Show content list
01:09 - Dr. Abbot betrays his own show

02:59 - Kelly and Ian fantasise about living together like the grandparents in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

06:00 - A portion of the voicemail that cost Kelly $10

08:35 - Al Franken gropes women, and we're bummed

27:12 - It turns out, we're Xillenials

28:45 - Our first cell phones

35:20 - Our Justice League review

51:20 - What we find delightful this week 


Episode 34 - America took giant steps forward; except Louis C.K.! He stepped in doodoo

November 10, 2017

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Show track listing:

00:00 - The mary and joseph defense when it comes to sleeping with underage people

00:51 - Our friends at Too Grumpy Critics ( http://grumpy.podbean.com ) made us a present

05:38 - The local elections and the potential shift in power

15:04 - How do we get involved at the local level

23:15 - Louis CK super disappointed us

24:18 - The fascination with indecent exposure

36:50 - Kellians weird, starting with Kellys flat tires

42:11 - Ians drs. apppointment

51:35 - Ian's delightful for the week

55:22 - Kellys delightful for the week


Episode 33 - Stranger Things 2 gave us all the good feels.. Not the Kevin Spacey kind.

November 2, 2017


Show track listing:
:00 We spend time making fun of Ians dog
02:45 - Muellers probe makes significant headway
08:20 - We really mess up our nations math
13:50 - We get our math back on track and collectively high five!
15:20 - Predictions - Does trump resign, get impeached, or finish his term?
17:15 - The list of hollywood celebs accused of sexual assault has grown
19:45 - George H.W. Bush is a dirty old man with a self inflicted new nickname
23:09 - Breaking down Kevin Spacey
27:07 - Can you seperate the offender from thier art, and still like the work?
30:02 - Should actors be done in hollywood after these scandals?
46:35 - our kids dump all over the things we love
55:39 - How do you cope with kids who enter into that 'curious' self love phase?
59:45 - Our Stranger Things 2 review