Episode 32 - We get all Halloweeny! Wait a minute, we just said weeny.

October 25, 2017

Yes, we talk trump, and we talk Russia, and we talk The Clintons.  
Our car was stolen, and then returned.  We talk about that expereince. 
OH - 
The Podbros Twisted Con Of Terror - 
We are part 3 of the twisted con of terror, and you can hear our part at the 4:35 mark.


Episode 31 - Trump grabbed us by the Weinsteins and we’re finally speaking up

October 19, 2017

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Track Listing - 
00:41 - We recap Dr Kelly Abbots drunken Dirty Dancing episode, and see how he's feeling now

08:00 - What movie should we nominate for him to drunk narrate next?

11:25 - The Harvey Weinstein timeline

13:30 - Hollywoods fake shock and awe that Harvey Weinstein is a monster

18:32 - Sexual harassment is pretty much everywhere

19:30 - Will people still work for or with Harvey Weinstein?

21:59 - mayim bialiks take on rape culture

27:21 - How can we change the sexual harassment culture?

31:00 - Trump is tone deaf with fallen soldiers family

36:16 - Trump thinks there is a war on Christmas

41:39 - Why retailers REALLY say happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas

44:26 - Trump is pushing us twords a nuclear war

54:10 - What we find delightful this week - The Big Sick, Demi Lovato - Simply Complicated, The Good Place



Episode 30 - We finally keep out Dirty Dancing promise, and have the time of our lives

October 11, 2017

The Dirty Dancing Episode
Track listing - 
We spend about the first 5 minutes talking about dirty dancing

And then we watch and recod dirty dancing... 

It got interesting.


Episode 29 - Of course your AR-15 is for home protection, we said sarcastically

October 6, 2017

00:00 - We turn 29 episodes old.  How do we celebrate the big 30?

00:25 - What if our podcast had a midlife crisis?

02:25 - Guess what we found on our driveway!! (hint, it made us a real somebody)

03:18 - All the things we promised to do, but never actually did

06:56 - We promise, we really will watch Dirty Dancing this weekend

16:09 - The Las Vegas Shooting

17:55 - Is the vegas shooter mentally ill?

19:43 - The Great Gun Control Debate

24:07 - What is a bump stock

28:32 - Ians Latest Facebook fight

39:17 - The latest tax reform

49:04 - We're getting a swear jar

50:50 - Michelle finds the F word delightful

59:46 - Kelly saw the Gorillaz