Episode 14 - Dream Guests, Rick Joyner, IronStache and Michelle Carter

June 22, 2017

Show listing - 
3:21 - we talk about our dream podcast guests, and how insanely racist live action Disney movies were in the 1950's.

9:45 - The evangelist, Rick Joyner, and why he thinks we could be writing news papers a week in advance, as well as getting early World Series outcomes, before spring training even starts.
Also - Michelle saw a psychic.. you're never going to guess WHERE she got a reading at.

19:25 - Michelle Carter and her now deceased boyfriend, Conrad Roy.  Should she do prison time?  Where did she cross the line?  Was it the texts, or something she actually did (and also did not do) the day Conrad took his life?

29:30 - Meet the Wisconsin iron worker who is after Paul Ryans job, and his amazing commercial and Twitter handle that is breaking the internet right now!

38:37 - What we find delightful including 'Treat Yo' Self', more Ironstache, and a new holiday, KELLIAN DAY!

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